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Logistics and Distribution


Porlogis premises in Portugal have warehousing area of 4.000 m2 in both North and South platforms. Customs bonded export area properly equipped in order to provide a wide range of logistic services to our customers. 
Logistics activities take place in two independent zones: rack zone (storage cells) and free areas, duly identified and labeled. Own logistics software is available for stock control and logistics activities, operated by using radio frequency terminals and bar code reading.
Porlogis’ services are performed to create added- value to our customers by providing the required service levels efficiently (cost friendly) and effectively (meeting target).

Services offered:

Supply - transport, entry, labeling, handling and checking;
Stock control - inventory, stock returns; storage, non conforming products and pallet management;
Order preparations - picking, packaging, labeling, check client specifications, packaging for transport;
Send - definition of the required transport, shipment, handling and checking;
Administration - documentation, customs formalities, insurances, shipment tracing, non conformities reports, POD’s (proof of delivery) and documentation handling, control reports (entries, shipments, invoicing, stock rotation, among others);
IT’s - clients’ control of stock in real time, RF Scanners in most operations.
Invoicing - detailed per movement


Customer oriented and service minded subcontract of skilled hauliers, strategically located in the country, which allows us to provide a distribution service with nation coverage adapted to agents and customers’ needs.
Shuttle service is available every night between north and south platforms ensuring deliveries and pickups in the whole country.

Services offered:

Deliveries and collections 24h/48h, as per location
Express service
Deliveries against payment and collections
Deliveries distribution centers/ shopping areas
Cargo with special measures/ weights
 Gourmet Routes



Service specially focused on gourmet products, which requires special care on handling and transport conditions.

This is a dedicated and personalized service in order to guarantee the integrity of a product that, according to its characteristics, has to be treated in a particular way.

With gourmet routes we individualize your products and treat them according to your requirements.

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Porlogis services are handled exclusively in accordance with the latest version of “Portuguese Forwarders General Terms and Conditions of Trading”.



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