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Porlogis’ Mission is specified clearly in the Quality Policy defined by the management.

Forwarder and logistics provider whose activity is managed with a strong link to international networking.

Three aspects which define the way Porlogis want to be in the market:

- Available - where and when client requires

- Trustful - accomplishing the agreed times and securing the integrity and the image of our customer's product.

- Committed - The whole Porlogis’ team is improving continuously in order to obtain full satisfaction of our clients. Thus, justifying our smile of accomplished duty and following our aim "keep your business running".


  Employees perform their role in the company with professionalism, ethics, dynamism and pro-activity, promoting the success they share with motivation and pride.

Porlogis respects its obligations in two main areas:

- Economic - generating profits in a sustainable way and guarantying its legal and normative requisites.

- Social - developing a stable and solidarity partnership with its clients, suppliers and agents based on the respect for the human being and on the environment preservation.


- Being the leading company in Portugal for Scandinavia, Baltic Countries and Russia.

- Specialist Far East Operator in Portuguese market.


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