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Porlogis established in July 2002, as a result of a joint venture between:

Rui Moreira, a professional with more than 20 years of management experience in different fields of forwarding industry.

  Finnish forwarder with head office in Helsinki (Tuusula) and branches in Turku, Tampere e Lahti, as well as in Sweden (Boräs and Stockholm, Malmo and Norrkoping), in Estonia (Tallinn), in Latvia (Riga) and Russia (Moscow).
German forwarder with head office in Koln and branches in Troisdorf, Duren, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Pirmasens, Hamburg and Stuttgart as in Poland Wroclaw and Warsaw.

As these companies are leading experts in Portuguese market for a long time, naturally Porlogis provide strong groupage and part loads regular lines with Finland and Germany.

In 2003 Porlogis starts offering integrated logistic services in Perafita warehouse, based on two main areas:

- Traditional services (handling – stock in and out – Picking)
- Value - added services (Labeling – Stock control - Distribution)

Following the client’s needs, Porlogis extended its services to new markets:

  Groupage services to Baltic Countries, Russia and east Europe supported by its partners networking.
  In September 2003, Porlogis became an air cargo agent (Iata Intermediary) and started offering air transport all over the world.

In February 2004, with the signature of a cooperation agreement with the forwarder Hansar Logistics, Sweden became a regular destination.

In March 2004 a partnership was established with Corneel Geerts transport Group offering groupage to Belgium.
Also at this stage, Porlogis started to offer twice a week groupage to Switzerland, in cooperation with the forwarder BLG Spedition and Logistic in Pratteln.
To ensure sustainable development and a more professional service, Porlogis invested intensively in training their employees.Thus, in 2007, in close relationship with the IPME - SME Training Institute is approved a multiannual plan for professional training (two years), under program PRIME (Incentive Program for the modernization of the economy).
In March 2008, Itella Logistics integrates, by merger, the Kauko Group in its corporate network, providing coverage throughout the Scandinavian, Baltic countries and Russia. Thus, the Itella Group now owns the part of the capital of Porlogis that was held by Kauko Group.

In April 2008, Porlogis expands its collaboration with Itella Logistics to the Swedish market – meanwhile Itella acquired a Hansar Logistics.

Considering the quality and dimension of the services offered to its clients, Porlogis takes the lead in Portugal as a specialized forwarder in Finnish and Swedish markets.

In 2008 MBS Logistics inaugurated in Shanghai a new office extending the network in Chinese market after opening Hong Kong office. 

In addition to the continuous expansion to new markets, internal growth has not been forgotten. To ensure better quality and better standards in providing internal services, in October 2008, Porlogis extended its warehouse area of 2,000 m2.

During 2008, developed logistics activities regarding international support to Portuguese wine producers and as an active partner in the international promotion of Portuguese wines, around the world.
In March 2009 Porlogis is invited to join the management of APAT – Portuguese forwarders Association, as Vice President, represented by the managing Director, Rui Moreira.
In June 2009 Porlogis was granted with Customs bonded Warehouse – export, in Perafita, by the customs authorities.
In October 2009 following the strategy started in March 2008 with the merger of Kauko Group in the Itella home market, Porlogis established na agreement of cooperation with Itella in Denmark, being exclusive agent in Portugal for the group in Danish market.
The superior quality of our service in Sweden and Finland justifies this step and give us the chance to offer also this service to our clients of Scandinavian market.

In 2010 Porlogis opens platform in the south of Portugal (Lisbon area), assuming a closer commercial contact with clients in the south and also an operational response with direct groupage services in this platform.
As part of this strategy we started partnership with a domestic haulier and distribution company in the south of Portugal, building together a daily shuttle between both platforms ( Porto and Lisbon) and covering the whole country for deliveries and collections of international as well as domestic freight, in 24/48h.

In June 2010 as part of the modernization and innovative process of the company, Porlogis application to QREN was approved. This is a governmental program to support innovation and investments in the areas of trading and international development.

In 2010 the MBS china network is still growing. New offices in Xiamen, Shenzhen, Ningbo and Kunshan opened.

In the beginning of 2011, in order to maximize the integration of logistics service, Porlogis invests in acquisition and implementation of software and hardware to automate the control process in the warehouse area. Thus, reducing time in the stock control, avoiding reading mistakes and providing direct data exchange with main server. Stock control is now available in real time for our logistic clients with better order preparation and "just in time" distribution.

In January 2011 BLG in Pratteln, acquired 100% Ziegler Schweiz (same group) and merged both companies. BLG also change its name to ZIEGLER (SCHWEIZ) AG and started operating under this new logo and name.

Still in 2011 Porlogis and Itella Logistics started a cooperation to operate weekly groupage service to Norway.With this partnership both companies, Porlogis and Itella Logistics, will operate the whole Nordic region. Porlogis reached a target established in March 2008: To be leading forwarder in Portugal operating direct groupage services to all Nordic countries.

In the same year, as result of the experience obtained in the wine business market and reputation towards producers and wine organizations in Portugal, Porlogis specialized in handling and monitoring shipments to Fairs and Exhibitions.

In 2011 the Chinese network is still increasing with new offices in Qingdao and Tianjin.
In February 2012, took place general elections for the direction of the Portuguese forwarder association (APAT). As part of the winning list, Porlogis was re-elected vice president for the next three years, represented by the managing Director, Rui Moreira.
Since November 21st,2014 Porlogis works with a new agent in Denmark:
In order to guarantee client satisfaction and the quality of service, this new partnership is the result of continuous improvement in the Scandinavian market by Porlogis. 

2017: The Project became reality - Porlogis new facilities!

This project took a great deal of investment from the company in order to respond to technological and efficiency needs, facing the future with more optimism, confidence and positive mind.

The Porlogis Logistic Center is based in a 6000m2 ground, with 500 m2 of office space plus a multipurpose structure in green area with training and conference room and a fully equipped kitchen and canteen.

Warehouse space with around 2500 square meters, where logistics activities take place, in different working zones following the correct methodology.

The warehouse space is complemented with showers, bathrooms and lockers for the staff and the same facilities for the drivers, in separated rooms.

The facilities also offers dedicated parking place for trailers and containers to enable movement synergies up to 15 cargo units in a safe and friendly environment.

This project improves the working conditions of Porlogis employees, achieving company and jobs sustainability.

We strongly believe these new tools will contribute to assure the quality of our services and satisfaction of our clients and business partners.



Since end of 2020 Porlogis works with a new agent in Denmark:
Hansen & Søn A/S - TRICOLORE

With Tricolore, Porlogis offers regular (weekly) groupage services with Denmark.  



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