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SI Qualificação e Internacionalização

[Governmental Programme of Innovation and Internationalization – Small Medium companies]

Application approved in | 28Sep2010
Project nr. | 16351
Start date | 01Jul2010
End date | 30Jun2012

Porlogis is a company with a strong recognition by its customers and with a great dynamics over the years. This is due to a careful strategic planning, to the creation of added value and by keeping this value in the company and to investments in procedures, internal organization and sales area.

Porlogis’ investments, under the SI Qualificação e Internacionalização, are focus on the following types:

Internationalization – attract new clients in the target markets and development of new markets.

Development of services and processes – investment in the corporate software (new modules and functionalities) - software and hardware.

Website – new modern website with functionalities that increase the interaction with clients and agents.

International marketing – advertising campaign worldwide.

Investment approved till | 177.063,00 euros
Reimbursments till | 79.678,35 euros




IAPMEI final decision | February 2013

Investment approved | 156.024,70 euros
Reimbursments | 70.211,12 euros

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