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Certifications and Memberships

Porlogis has the support and accreditation of competent authorities to ensure the quality and expertise in the services provided.


Certification of freight forwarding business under license No. 607/2001.
Porlogis Quality System was certified by APCER/ IQNET. This certification covers all Porlogis activities: international freight forwarding by air, sea and road, logistics and national distribution.
Under the Civil Aviation Security Plan, Porlogis became Recognized/ Authorized Agent by ANAC (Portuguese Civil Aviation Institute).

Porlogis was granted, in Perafita, by the Portuguese customs authorities:

- with Customs bonded Warehouse – export

- with Customs Bonded Warehouse - import


IAPMEI – Governmental Institute of Innovation and support to Small and Medium companies - attributed to Porlogis the Status of PME LIDER, which distinguishes the small and medium national companies with superior performance profiles.
The PME LIDER status aims to enhance the visibility of mid-sized companies who belong to the most competitive segment of the national economy.
Porlogis’ status as PME LIDER is reinforced with the attribution of the status PME EXCELÊNCIA. IAPMEI distinguished, with this award a small range of small and medium companies in the universe of the PME LIDER companies which showed the best financial and economical performance indicators during the year.




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As a way of giving continuity and enhance to the legal requirements for admission to forwarding activity, eliminated by the Law 5/2013 of 22nd January, APAT (Portuguese Forwarding Association) changed its statutes and created an “Excellence” Certification. With this award APAT distinguishes the associates that, among others, “fulfill the requirements of good repute, financial standing, and Human Assets training”, provided by the previous regulation.
For the first time in 2013, APAT attributed the “Excellence” award and Porlogis was one of the associates distinguished.

Since 2021 Porlogis is a member of the Punctual Payment Commitment Program and thus has the opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to pay on time and thus combat the culture of late payments, existing in Portugal. This is a clear demonstration that it is possible to take on and meet this challenge, honoring the commitments made and enhancing the competitiveness of our economy.



Member nr. 647 of APAT – Portuguese forwarders Association. In March 2009 Porlogis is invited to join the management of APAT, as Vice President, represented by the managing Director, Rui Moreira.
IATA member, as intermediary cargo agent nbr 64-4 7126/0000.
Member of FIATA - The International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations.
Porlogis is a partner of WCA FAMILY, network of independent logistics operators in the world with a global membership of more than 1.346 freight forwarders.
Porlogis is a member of SCN - Security Cargo Network, global alliance of independent international freight forwarders.
Porlogis is member of PME Portugal, Association of entrepreneurs of small and medium companies.


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