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In September 2003, Porlogis became an air cargo agent as Iata Intermediary and started offering air transport all over the world.
The IATA membership allows Porlogis to work with specialized partners and the main airline companies operating from and to Portugal.

Porlogis, in close cooperation with worldwide networks specialized in air freight as WCA, CGLN and SCN, with offices in main airports of 189 countries, develops transport solutions following clients’ needs.

Special focus has been given to emerging markets such as the Far East particularly China and India and institutional markets like the United States, Canada and Brazil.


In May 2009, under the Civil Aviation Security Plan, Porlogis became Recognized/ Authorized Agent by INAC (Portuguese Civil Aviation Institute).


 Services offered:

  Extensive worldwide consolidation services
  Customs facilities
  Multimodal transportation
  Door to door transportation: integrated with domestic distribution services



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Porlogis services are handled exclusively in accordance with the latest version of “Portuguese Forwarders General Terms and Conditions of Trading”.


(Custo de chamada para a rede fixa nacional)
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