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Road Freight

Road transportation is the most important product offered by Porlogis.
In close cooperation with strategically located agents’ network, the company developed weekly groupage services to/from: Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and German. Porlogis is operating in a weekly basis 25 to 30 trucks of groupage, between Portugal and transit platforms in those countries.

The same service is also available to Baltic countries and Russia as well as Benelux and Switzerland.

Shoe wear, textiles, stone and ceramic, wines, moulds, pharmaceuticals and machinery were the main items transported last year by Porlogis. We handled approximately 8.000 orders involving 9.000 Portuguese companies and 600 European customers.

 Services offered:
Weekly and direct groupage lines
Express vehicles - 2 drivers units
Full load truck
Door to door transportation: integrated with domestic distribution services
Licensing for ADR goods
Hanging garments goods
Temperature controlled goods – frigo trucks
Tracing and integrity of the product during the trip
Cargo with special measures/ weight
Delivery against (payment or documentation)
Customs formalities


Find more details about the regular lines:

  Germany     Russia
  Sweden     Lituania
  Finland     Benelux
  Letonia     Denmark
  Switzerland     Ucrania
  Bielorussia     Kazakhstan
  Norway     Latvia


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Porlogis services are handled exclusively in accordance with the latest version of “Portuguese Forwarders General Terms and Conditions of Trading”.


(Custo de chamada para a rede fixa nacional)
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