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Fairs and Exhibitions

Porlogis offers specialized services to handling and monitoring shipments to Fairs and Exhibitions.
Our skilled and experienced staff ensures the quality of a vast range of tailor made services.
The success of this work brought opportunities of specialization in niche markets. The best example is that Porlogis plays a very special role in the logistic organization of tasting events of Portuguese wines all over the world. Last year has been responsible for organizing 100 events with 1.500 wine producers’ registrations and 20 cooperatives and wine organizations. As a result, Porlogis has been chosen as the official logistics operator responsible for the organization of the "Concours Mondial de Bruxelles".

In order to follow the market demand, Porlogis has recently acquired specific software to manage the whole process:

Detailed instructions for each event
Pick- up and delivery – just in time
Warehousing – adapted and secured
Packing and shipment preparation
Customs facilities
Door/ door transport as required (air/ sea/ road)
On- site handling and temporary reexport bond services.



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Porlogis services are handled exclusively in accordance with the latest version of “Portuguese Forwarders General Terms and Conditions of Trading”.


(Custo de chamada para a rede fixa nacional)
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